[Webinar Replay] We can touch lives without touching people

Improving family caregiver communication leads to higher satisfaction and CAHPS scores

Tarrah Lowry of Sangre de Cristo Community Care and Rob Stoltz of Citus Health address what the latest research tells us family caregivers overwhelmingly want from their hospice providers when it comes to communication, and share the best practices for “touching” the lives of patients and family caregivers when we are not physically present.

In the webinar we discuss:

  • Why “touching lives” through the family caregiver really matters
  • How to deliver on family caregiver needs
  • How technology can actually bring you closer to your patients and family caregivers
  • Positive impacts real-time communication will have on your organization


Tara Lowry

Tarrah Lowry, CEO, Sangre de Cristo Community Care


Rob Stoltz, VP Business Development, Citus Health