Webinar: Empower Your Clinical Team to Elevate the Customer Experience

A Candid Discussion Between Provider, Consultant and Tech Vendor

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Hear from experienced clinical leaders and industry experts as they present evidence-based strategies that deliver an exceptional customer experience to improve patient and family caregiver satisfaction and home-based care agency reputation, while optimizing operational efficiencies and enabling clinicians to maintain a better work life balance.

In this webinar we covered:

  • Understanding what the latest research says home health consumers want from providers.
  • Reducing response time to urgent inbound communication.
  • Improving the customer experience without burning out clinical teams.
  • Re-examining the ROI of investments in technology that improves communication.

  • Laura Wilson, RN, BSN, COS-C, Managing Director, Clinical Operations, SimiTree Healthcare Consulting
  • Rob Simione, Principal, SimiTree Healthcare Consulting
  • Danielle Pierotti RN, PhD, CENP, Vice President Patient Care Services at Visiting Nurse and Hospice for Vermont and New Hampshire
  • Melissa Kozak, RN, Co-Founder and President, Citus Health