Mar 4 2021

The New Hospice Transition Playbook 2021

Hospice Transition Playbook to create effective hospice transitions

Maximizing the Hospice Transition Process: 3 Steps for Stakeholders

Patients, families and clinicians often struggle with the timing around a transition to hospice. While all are in alignment on doing what is best for the patient, settling on a fixed plan for palliative and/or end-of-life care can be difficult. That can lead to suboptimal outcomes, particularly a too-short hospice length-of-stay.

In our Hospice Transition Playbook webinar with Medalogix and Transcend Strategy Group, we identified three main challenges for hospice providers trying to create effective transitions in today’s climate:

#1 Challenge: Traditional clinical training focuses on curative care rather than timely identification of patients in need of end-of-life planning and conversation.

Solution: Build an infrastructure that includes training and the use of actionable data to identify hospice-ready patients and workflows that enable a proper transition to hospice.

#2 Challenge: A siloed healthcare system and corresponding communication systems that often drive conflicting information for families/caregivers, rather than a transparent and compassionate message and plan of care from a unified team.

Solution: Create communications that are empathetic and offer clear intent. This means building right care, right time, patient-centered care plans, and then communicating those plans to all stakeholders early and often.

#3 Challenge: Non-linear clinician workflows focused on “in the moment” care that’s curative in nature, often inadequately forecasting for future patient needs beyond a few days or a week.

Solution: Use a combination of patient data and observations from the clinician care team regarding patient and family preferences to drive appropriate adoption of hospice care.

This elusive goal can be met through the partnership of insightful, data driven strategies, enhanced communications and people-centered processes. That means timely identification of a hospice-ready patient, and the accompanying key workflows and conversations.

Working with Medalogix and Transcend Strategy Group we created a FREE HANDOUT that digs deeper into the three steps hospice organizations can take to create more efficient process, increase staff satisfaction and improve the patient and family caregiver experience.  You can also learn what industry leaders recommend to address these challenges by watching the interactive webinar.

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