May 4 2020

Virtual Patient Support for Specialty Pharmacies

The specialty pharmacy environment has changed in a matter of weeks. Phone waits are longer with staff working remotely; patients are concerned about refills and shortages of their critical medications; contactless delivery has become a necessity due to patient and family member concerns about potential infection. 

All of this is happening while care teams and resources are stretched like never before. Now more than ever, it is critical to provide remote care support for patients, families, and caregivers and enable a higher level of virtual patient and caregiver engagement and care team collaboration. The latest technology can enable staff with the tools they need to operate in these changing times while ensuring the safety of all involved.

Technology solutions that enable virtual patient support on the go, from anywhere and any device, are not just nice to SP Checklisthave now – they are a necessity and will be for the foreseeable future. Patients and caregivers are concerned about medication refills and timely delivery of their critical meds and need to
be able to engage with pharmacy staff in real-time. Traditional phone-based communication creates a greater risk for delays in therapy and lower rates for
medication adherence. Automating manual processes that allow patients to consent to refills and other requests within minutes instead of days ensures patients receive timely delivery of their medications, improves outcomes, and helps specialty pharmacies collect better data, faster.

The virus will, at some point, abate. However, this is the tipping point for virtual patient support and telehealth as patient and family expectations around real-time, virtual communication are likely to remain. Payors and referral sources will want the specialty pharmacies they partner to ensure an omni-channel approach that removes barriers to patient and caregiver engagement. Specialty pharmacy providers will need to adopt virtual patient support technology to thrive going forward. 

To help specialty pharmacy providers consider how to get from their current state to View Checklistwhere each needs to be, we’ve put together a list of the critical services required to deliver a high level of remote patient support.

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