Jan 24 2021

Digital Technology Adoption at an Inflection Point for Specialty Pharmacies

A new report from SmartBrief and Citus Health, takes an in depth look at how the competitive landscape, demand for data and COVID-19 challenges are the driving forces behind the increase in specialty pharmacies adoption of virtual care technologies.SmartBrief and Citus SPRx White Paper_Cover-1


With the top four companies accounting for more than 70% of prescription revenues from pharmacy-dispensed specialty drugs,1 competition remains high for smaller and independent specialty pharmacies. As competition continues to heat up among specialty pharmacies, so does the adoption of digital collaboration tools. According to a new survey of specialty pharmacies, most either have or intend to adopt several virtual technology solutions in the next six to 12 months.

The study, conducted by SmartBrief and sponsored by Citus Health, surveyed nearly 100 US- and Canada-based specialty pharmacy and home infusion provider executives, operations and pharmacy leaders from independent and health system pharmacies about the digital health technology solutions they had in place or put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their technology plans going forward.

Four key factors surfaced in the research that indicate why specialty pharmacies are quickly adopting virtual patient care technologies: the communication and coordination challenges further exposed by COVID-19, the high value manufacturers and referral partners place on extractable data, the power of a virtual technology platform as a competitive differentiator, and point to real-time communications as a key driver of overall patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Learn what specialty pharmacies that want to improve patient and physician satisfaction and loyalty, win more referral partnerships and access to limited drug distribution networks to outperform their peers are doing to ensure a path to success with digital health technology. Download the white paper now.

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