Feb 17 2021

Case Study: Parkway Specialty Pharmacy Optimizes Patient Engagement and Productivity

How Parkway Specialty Pharmacy Reduced Delivery Confirmations from Days to 48 Hours

Patients continue to press for more virtual care options from their healthcare providers to meet their increasingly digitally focused lives better. And as research tells us that timely, accurate delivery and care coordination make up 70% of patients’ overall satisfaction, it is more important than ever for specialty pharmacies to deliver patient engagement solutions that enable a more patient-focused, digital experience. Parkway Specialty Pharmacy is one specialty pharmacy leading the way to innovate their patient engagement capabilities and expand beyond traditional communication methods.

Founded 10 years ago with only two employees, independent Parkway Specialty Pharmacy has quickly grown, now servicing anParkway SPRx-1 average of 1,200 patients per month across the U.S. and all its’ core therapies, including self-injectable and specialty infusion medications and home and in-office infusions treatments. To best meet the demands of an increasingly digitally-enabled patient base, the Parkway leadership team knew they needed to incorporate more effective, virtual communications into their workflows. They were also looking to improve response times and gain better data insights to ensure faster and more accurate reporting for referral partners and manufacturers that would be critical to growing their business.

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“Delivering on the promise of our patient-centric mission requires that we continuously look for opportunities improve our patient experience and extend our services and the data we can provide to ensure physician loyalty.”



Comprehensive System of Engagement

Parkway Specialty Pharmacy turned to Citus Health to solve its patient engagement challenges, including
reducing the number of follow up calls to patients to confirm deliveries and improving turnaround times
for medication refills. Parkway implemented the entire Citus Health platform, which included:

- Secure instant HIPAA-compliant care team and patient messaging.
- Customizable electronic and app-less refill forms.
- App-less electronic signatures.
- Broadcast messaging capabilities to streamline communication of critical, time sensitive information.
- Auto-translation to allow patients to communicate in their preferred language.


Real-Time Digital Solutions Yield Big Results 

One of the Parkway team’s primary objectives in rolling out the Citus Health platform was to improve the response time for delivery confirmation forms and overcome the challenges of patients not responding to phone calls or voicemails. Leveraging the Citus Health messaging, customizable forms and app-less capabilities, Parkway Specialty Pharmacy made dramatic operational and patient engagement improvements, including exceeding the company’s goal of receiving 50 percent of delivery confirmations within five days of the delivery. With the Citus Health platform’s ability to obtain contactless, app-less electronic signatures on delivery documents, Parkway now has 75% of delivery confirmations within 48 hours, saving the pharmacy days of follow up and expediting reimbursement. Read the complete case study.

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