Oct 3 2019

Moving Beyond the Status Quo: New Strategies for Growing Your Specialty Pharmacy Business

Strategies for Increasing Access Opportunities Webinar

Looking to move beyond the status quo of constant phone tag to confirm refills, low persistence and adherence rates, and endless manual processes? There is a better way! 


In a new webinar series, Citus Health and MedEdge Solutions explore some of the key business challenges specialty pharmacies face today and outline new strategies to address them as well as how to operationalize these ideas through the Citus Health platform.

The first webinar in the series,"Strategies for Increasing Access Opportunities,” addresses a timely concern for many specialty pharmacies, increasing access opportunities to exclusive and limited drug distribution networks. Healthcare tech experts, Brandon Carpenter and Melissa Leslie from MedEdge Solutions provide insight into what manufacturers are looking for, why access is so challenging and how specialty pharmacies can address these requests and drive new revenue streams with the help of digital health solutions. View the webinar to learn more.

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