Apr 14 2020

Remote Patient Care Solutions for the New Normal

The healthcare environment changed in a matter of weeks in 2020.  Now in 2021, we are living a new normal where remote patient support has become a critical aspect of home-based care and if implemented correctly can increase patient and family caregiver satisfaction, improve care team collaboration and drive organizational efficiency.

Technology solutions that enable remote patient care and support on the go, from anywhere and any device, are not just nice to Home-based care virtual checklisthave now – the pandemic made them a necessity. Even though CMS had relaxed some of the privacy and HIPAA compliance rules with respect to mobile communications, providers should not settle for short term fixes that are subject to security breaches and incapable of delivering long-term solutions to patient engagement and care coordination.

And, providers should not stop at telehealth. While critically important, telehealth is just one of many ways in which today’s technology can help providers better care for patients.  Remote patient support includes:

  • instant messaging
  • video visits, including telehealth
  • digital forms and assessments
  • educational support
  • digital document workflows
  • electronic signatures from patients, POAs and physicians

The best solutions also have auto-escalation capabilities to ensure that urgent inbound communications aren't missed.

We believe that patient and family expectations around care delivery and communication will never return to more simpler times that were with us just months ago. Patient care modalities and expectations have changed forever thanks to the pandemic, and every post-acute provider will need to adapt – and adopt -- to thrive. 

To help providers consider how to get from their current state to where each needs to be, we’ve put together a list of the critical services required to deliver a high level of remote care.

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