Apr 30 2020

Hospice News and Citus Health Webinar

Uncharted Territory: Using Technology to Successfully Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we progress through this COVID-19 crisis, providers are now anticipating a “new normal” and considering solutions that enable secure virtual care team collaboration and critical patient family engagement.

In this webinar, moderated by Jim Parker of Hospice News, Sharon Harder of C3 Advisors joins our CEO Melissa Kozak to discuss the eight critical technology requirements for virtual patient care. We discuss ways in which these solutions can help your agency manage through the COVID-19 crisis and prepare for the new normal many expect post-pandemic.

The webinar includes a demonstration of practical use cases in which virtual care technology expedites care and improves patient and family satisfaction, including:

  • Secure, real-time messaging with family members
  • Live video sessions
  • Timely remote EOB
  • Distribution of patient education materials
  • Electronic, app-less physician signature

View the webinar to learn more.



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