Apr 12 2021

Hospice and palliative care provider communication challenges

As part of the Citus Health lunch & learn session at the NHPCO Leadership Conference in March 2021, we surveyed over 50 hospice leaders to understand the challenges their organizations face when communicating with family caregivers and IDG team members, the solutions they use to communicate, and how well their EMR connects with key clinical stakeholders in the care continuum.  We are sharing the survey results with you.

We found that despite new technologies that many organizations implemented in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, there are still major communication challenges that providers face.

When communicating with family caregivers, providers still spend too much time playing phone and email tag and repeating the same information several times to multiple family members.


When communicating with IDG team members, providers are frustrated when their team members miss an important piece of patient information, and they spend too much time playing phone tag or repeating the same information to each other.


The conclusion based on this survey, and other recent studies, is that the most used communications platforms – phone and email - are not designed to solve hospice providers biggest problems, resulting in missed communication, phone and email tag, and repetitive conversations between IDG members and family caregivers.

Download the full survey results here.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right technology, providers can reduce this friction and benefit from streamlined communications that are instantly recorded in the providers EHR.

If you are a home-based care provider looking for a better way, let’s talk about how Citus Health can help you improve communications with family caregivers and IDG team members, while increasing your staff efficiency.

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