Mar 5 2020

EnvisionSpecialty Pharmacy Engages Patients and Streamlines Refill Assessments with MHALink™ Powered by Citus Health

With increasing challenges in gaining access to new therapies from limited drug distribution networks, implementing value-based care initiatives continues to be a top priority for specialty pharmacies. Manufacturers are looking for specialty pharmacies to demonstrate an innovative and collaborative approach to patient care that results in high patient satisfaction and outcomes. These challenges, coupled with the increased patient demand for real-time electronic communication, and a cumbersome refill assessment process, led Ohio-based EnvisionSpecialty Pharmacy to look for a technology solution that could help ensure a high-touch, patient-centric approach to their operations.Download Case Study


The Right Patient Communication and Staff Collaboration Solution

Due to the expediency required to ensure timely refills as well as the importance of maintaining adherence rates, EnvisionSpecialtyEnvisionSpecialty Case Study needed to implement a real-time, HIPAA-compliant digital solution that would enable them to streamline processes without sacrificing its high level of patient support and engagement. EnvisionSpecialty also sought a partner that could also offer integration with its current operating platform to ensure data sharing between the systems.

“Today’s patients are on the go with little time to take phones calls. In 2019 we averaged about six requests per month for a way to refill and communicate with the Pharmacy online or via text. To grow our business and deliver the level of service we are committed to, we knew it was critical for us to offer a patient engagement solution that would allow patients and caregivers anytime, anywhere access to our staff.”

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"During our review process, it quickly became apparent that one solution stood out, MHALink powered by Citus Health. The platform not only had the digital messaging capabilities we were looking for but offered ready-built-integration to our operations system, and robust reporting that would enable us to provide critical data to our partners.”
– Misty Willard, PharmD, R.PH., Director Specialty Operations, EnvisionSpecialty

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Roadmap to a Successful Implementation

To ensure the successful rollout of MHALink powered by Citus Health, EnvisionSpecialty took a phased, multi-touch approach to ensure optimal adoption by both staff and patients. Using the existing training materials, including videos and documentation available in the Education Center, EnvisionSpecialty was able to quickly create staff and patient onboarding programs for both App training and the new refill assessment process. EnvisionSpecialty was able to onboard its call center staff of 35 people within just two weeks.

The initial priority for EnvisionSpecialty was to improve the refill assessment process by reducing the number of calls needed and the response time to get assessments completed by patients. EnvisionSpecialty leveraged the Messaging Center, Education Center and more within MHALink powered by Citus Health, as well as launched a well-planned marketing program to promote the solution
to its patients and partners. Using the Education Center within the platform, EnvisionSpecialty provided training materials to both patients and staff on how to use the App. During the routine refill process, staff were also required to ask patients if they would like to opt-in to using the new electronic refill assessment available via MHALink.

If patients didn’t opt-in initially, staff would ask again the following month. EnvisionSpecialty also created a buck-slip that went out with each patient delivery to promote the new digital communication capabilities and how-to sign-up for the new solution. In addition, during quarterly reviews with their affiliated PBMs, payers, and manufacturers the EnvisionSpecialty team provided an overview of the platform and the new capabilities it would allow them to provide to staff and patients.

“This approach to rolling out the platform coupled with what was readily available within MHALink powered by Citus Health has enabled us to achieve significant adoption in just a few short months,” commented Willard. “We currently have 60% adoption of the platform with 80% of patients actively engaged. Plus, our partners and manufactures were excited to learn about this enhancement to our patient communications and are eager to see the results.”

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