Oct 11 2018

Citus Health White Paper: Home Infusion Business Processes to Automate

Top Seven Business Processes Home Infusion Providers Should Automate Today

The home infusion market is set to experience record growth over the next few years as value-based care contracts become the norm among healthcare providers. Home infusion providers must act now to automate manual business processes and ensure high quality care or risk missing out on profitable growth. 

Top Seven Business Processes White PaperMost people agree that healthcare services provided in the home generally cost less than care provided in facilities and that most healthcare consumers would prefer to receive care in the comfort of their home when possible. These claims are likely the driving factors behind the home infusion industry’s expected annual growth of 9% over the next several years. However, many home infusion providers are still using archaic and inefficient means to support remote patients and conduct business, such as phone-based patient support/engagement, paper-based referral systems, and manual efforts to monitor and report on patient outcomes.

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To ensure the industry delivers on its full potential, home infusion providers have a responsibility to invest in modern technologies that help automate manual processes and clearly demonstrate the positive impact home infusion can have when it comes to bending the cost curve for value-based care.

Is your business prepared to grow and scale profitably? Here are seven things you can do today to start creating a more efficient and profitable organization.

1. Onboard patients electronically. With 95+% of hospitals and physicians using electronic medical record systems and eprescribing, nearly all patient referral information is stored electronically. So why do so many home infusion providers spend so much time chasing paper? Digital health solutions can enable you to capture, receive and store all the necessary signed documentation so the time from referral to start-of-care is cut down to minutes instead of hours or days.

2. Empower patients with on demand answers to frequently asked questions. On-call and call center expenses can eat away at your profits. Studies show that 70% of patient questions are routine and can be addressed through an app on their smartphone or computer. Questions that go unanswered in a timely manner lead to patient dissatisfaction and delays in treatment, which ultimately can result in missed treatments and poor patient outcomes. Equip your patients with answers to FAQs that can be accessed through any mobile device.

3. Connect patients and staff members in real-time. Missed calls and phone tag when patients have complex questions or staff members need to coordinate or collaborate with each other impedes patient care plans. Equip your patients and staff with real-time, secure messaging capabilities that eliminate barriers and dramatically reduce your expenses.

4. Capture patient signatures electronically. Missing patient signatures on delivery tickets is one of the most popular reasons providers are unable to file claims in a timely manner and fail audit reviews. Eliminate revenue hold-ups and recoupments by capturing signatures electronically at the point-of-service.

5. Administer patient assessments electronically. Phone-based assessments waste valuable hours of your staff and your patients’ time. Deliver these assessments electronically through an app, like the Citus eSignatures and Forms solution allows the patient to complete the form at their convenience and gives your staff more time to focus on growing your business versus chasing responses.

6. Get authorizations on verbal orders electronically. Getting physicians to authorize verbal orders not only wastes staff time, but also hinders your clinicians’ ability to deliver a seamless care experience to your patients. Allow physicians to authorize verbal orders anytime, anywhere over the web or through their smartphone.

7. Document accurate supply counts at the point of care. Patients are typically either drowning in extra supplies or don’t have enough in their homes when your clinicians arrive. When supplies are missing, time and money is wasted either sending couriers with the right supplies or a second nurse to complete the treatment. When there are too many supplies, providers see their profits disappearing. Enable your nurses to conduct inventory counts in the home to ensure your patients and nurses will always have the right amount of supplies on hand and nothing more.

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Melissa Kozak, RN, CRNI

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