Jan 4 2019

Citus Health Case Study: Intramed Plus

Home Infusion Provider, Intramed Plus, Streamlines Patient and Staff Onboarding with Citus Health

The home infusion industry is steadily growing, and with increasing patient numbers and the complexities of care, using outdated manual processes make efficient and effective communication across patients, staff and providers one of the biggest challenges home infusion organizations face. Buried under these paper processes, constant phone tag and emailing has many home infusion providers looking for opportunities to streamline care team coordination and automate workflows in order to provide the quality of care required to improve patient outcomes and to attract the referral sources needed to grow their business. As South Carolina’s fastest growing, privately-owned home infusion provider, Intramed Plus realized they needed to transform their many manual processes into digital workflows to better support their mission of delivering the highest-quality care.


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“One of the biggest challenges we faced was an overwhelming amount of email. A single referral could bring as many as 10 emails per day to onboard one patient. We knew we had to advance our technology portfolio to reduce the negative impact this was having on both the staff and patient experience,” commented Erica Smith, Director of Nursing, Intramed Plus.

Communication and care coordination challenges

Innovative home infusion providers are investing in their technology infrastructure and eliminating archaic and inefficient processes, including phone-based patient support/engagement, paper-based referral systems, and manual efforts to monitor and report on patient outcomes, which is why Intramed Plus sought the help of Citus Health to upgrade their patient experience with HIPAA-compliant digital patient engagement and workflow solutions.

“During our evaluation process, it became clear that the Citus Health end-to-end digital solution suite would solve many of the care coordination and patient engagement challenges we faced. We were highly impressed with the level of home infusion expertise the Citus team has, which was evident not only in our conversations, but also in the impressive design of the solution.”

Citus Health improves patient onboarding and care coordination

Today, Intramed Plus uses Citus Health’s HIPAA-compliant messaging tools, digital forms and eSignatures to streamline patient communications and optimize admissions processes. Using Citus Messenger, Intramed Plus creates discussion groups for each patient that allow nurses and staff members to securely communicate, track and document critical information, notes, forms and more in real-time.

This eliminates the need for multiple emails, streamlining the onboarding and care process for Intramed staff and patients. In addition, the Citus schedule aware messaging tools support Intramed’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of care by enabling after-hours staff with secure chat via mobile device or desktop to answer patient questions as well as on-demand patient education content.

“We have seen a dramatic improvement in our patient onboarding process since launching Citus Health. Due to the patient discussion group feature, we’re able to create a single thread of communication related to each patient, which reduced the number of emails from referrals from 10 down to 1 message/patient and decreased time to start therapy for our patients.”

Read the complete case study to learn more about how Citus Health is helping Intramed Plus expedite signatures and reimbursements to improve start of therapy and patient outcomes. 

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