Jul 25 2018

Citus Health Case Study: Alliance Homecare

Alliance Homecare improves care coordination and patient outcomes with Citus Health

Given the complexities of the home health care model, today’s home health agencies (HHAs) are often challenged to coordinate care, document care, and communicate efficiently across the care team, which can take place in the patient home, on the go, or in the office. Bogged down in paper forms and phone calls, the post-acute care industry has historically been slow to adopt new technology due in large part to government regulations and requirements such as HIPAA. However, with the continued push

Alliance Homecare Blog Post_2 toward value-based care delivery and payment models, ensuring information is readily available to the cross-functional team caring for a patient in the home is paramount to increasing patient satisfaction and controlling the costs that will garner increased referrals. As a well-respected, high-touch concierge home health company in New York State with a growing patient population, Alliance Homecare recognized an opportunity to further enhance the important cornerstones of its care model: personalized communication and a holistic approach.

Care coordination challenges

With that in mind, innovative home health agencies are looking to advance the technology
playbook, which is why Alliance Homecare turned to Citus Health to help them deploy a secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging and digital workflow solution available on any smart phone.

“We chose the Citus Health solution to help address our care coordination challenges, because we saw the immediate impact the messaging capability would have on our ability to communicate instantly and securely with our staff, nurses and physicians.”


Citus Health streamlines team communications and documentation

Today, Alliance Homecare uses Citus Health in two key capacities, messaging and documentation, to ensure continuity of care plans for its critical care patients. Using Citus’ HIPAA-compliant digital and mobile technologies, Alliance Homecare’s nurses and physicians stay informed in real-time about patients and easily communicate to discuss any clinical needs, capture/store patient notes, check nursing schedules and more.

In addition, Alliance Homecare is using the solution’s unstructured documentation and tagging capabilities. This enables the home care team to document all information on their shifts, add orders and tag these notes to share information from nurse to nurse and physicians assigned to the patient. The Citus Health solution also enables Alliance Homecare to tag progress notes to a single, clean patient chart, ensuring only relevant information is captured and giving the care team peace of mind that the Department of Health can go directly to the patient’s chart and see only what they need to view.

“Citus Health is a fantastic app!” commented Pasik. “We are able to have complete continuity of communication across our physicians and nurses who are using it. We’ve been able to eliminate phone tag and provide a more seamless, first-class care experience for our patients. Our nurses are also thrilled that we’ve been able to eliminate our scheduling issues.”

Read the complete case study to learn more about how Citus Health is helping Alliance Homecare improve patient outcomes and increase physician referrals. 

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