Sep 26 2021

Case Study: Hospice provider goes 98% paperless with Citus Health

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How Sangre de Cristo Community Care uses automation to boost satisfaction

Without an automated solution, hospice and home health providers require a lot of staff time scanning, copying, faxing, emailing and chasing down physicians for manual signatures. By implementing the Citus Health platform solution, Sangre de Cristo Community Care has replaced paper with digital forms and easy-to

-use app-less signature capabilities to virtually eliminate paper and gain substantial efficiencies for the organization, allowing clinical staff to focus less on administrative work and more on patient care.

As the leading provider of hospice and palliative care services in Pueblo, Colorado, Sangre de Cristo initially looked to Citus Health to improve patient surveys. Quickly, the organization was able to leverage the Citus Health platform to do so much more, including dramatically improving overall communication and critical document workflows. In fact, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Amy Rose says her organization has bridged the gap between just communicating with their teams and operationalizing with their teams.

“It’s just such an easy platform. Our referral sources are happy, our nurses are happy, our physicians are happy. And so am I because you never find a win-win-win like this.”
      - Amy Rose, Chief Operating Officer, Sangre de Cristo Community Care

App-less technology leads to faster medical record processing

Prior to implementing Citus Health with its app-less electronic signature capabilities, clinicians would have to travel to the office to get a copy of necessary forms, take it to the hospital, wait and then track down a physician to sign it. In other cases, CNAs delivering medications and supplies would need to secure signatures from patients and deliver the paper back to medical records.

Now they can securely send electronic forms via secure text, instant message or email to be filled out and obtain electronic signatures on iPads, which are then immediately sent back to the electronic medical record (EMR) system. The CNAs love it because they don’t have to assume the risk of all that paperwork. And the medical records department loves it because they can accelerate processing times. There’s even a workaround for nursing facilities that don’t accept copies of electronic prescriptions where a simple form allows staff to securely text an interim physician order for the doctor to sign.


Reduce time, effort and energy

By going 98% paperless with internal and patient-facing forms, Sangre de Cristo has experienced organizational efficiencies that include eliminating the inherent risks of paper.

  • Saves approximately one FTE
  • Improves patients care
  • Boosts satisfaction among clinical staff and referring physicians

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