Apr 22 2020

Case Study: Providing Remote Patient Care and Support Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

How BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy rapidly enhanced digital communications to provide real-time patient support and expedited prescription refill processing.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a dramatic and rapid shift has occurred in how specialty pharmacies and healthcare
providers around the world must coordinate and deliver care. The need for remote care technology is greater than ever before, creating opportunities across the care continuum for organizations to innovate the way they operate.

Among those meeting that challenge head-on is leading national specialty pharmacy provider, BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy. At the onset of the pandemic, patients were concerned about access to therapy, and many were requesting early re-fills. As payers across BioMatrix Descriptionthe nation were eliminating early refill restrictions and pharmacy work environments were changing rapidly, BioMatrix needed a solution that would allow their staff to facilitate timely access to care without compromising the high-touch, individualized adherence and support services the organization is known for.

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Having filled over more than 128,000 prescriptions in January and February alone, BioMatrix knew thousands of patients across the country were counting on them as COVID-19 hit in March, and they needed to act immediately. BioMatrix turned to its partner, Citus Health, to rapidly launch digital patient communication and refill services to help ensure business continuity and the high-quality support their patients depend on for their critical medications.

“Citus Health has been an exceptional partner, and they have stepped up even further during this crisis. We had started a patient engagement pilot program together in late January with early signs of positive results. When COVID-19 hit, they worked quickly to help us move from pilot to production, establishing a flexible, fast, and secure way to keep lines of communication with our patients open. By turning on the Citus Health solution that is integrated with our pharmacy management system, we’ve transformed the way we deliver care and support to our specialty patients – all within a few short weeks. We were highly impressed by the speed at which we were able to enable this functionality and how our team members and patients were able to quickly adopt the application to stay better connected through this crisis.” – Meagan Sampogna, PHD, RHIA, Chief Operating Officer, BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy.

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Comprehensive Solution Delivers Timely Patient Support & Operational Efficiencies

As part of the specialty pharmacy’s comprehensive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BioMatrix quickly launched Citus Health’s HIPAA-compliant, secure communication solution that enabled SMS alerts and in-app chat capabilities. In addition, they used the configurable forms capability within the Citus platform to support patients with early refill requests and
scheduling, improving both the refill communication process and speed for patients accessing their therapy.

According to Sampogna, “One of the critical questions we were immediately receiving from patients was ‘Will I have access to my medications?’ With the help of the Citus Health platform, our patients are now able to submit early and standard refill requests for allowable medications and participate in one-on-one conversations with pharmacy staff in a secure environment using their smart phones, tablets, or laptops. This simple yet robust capability helped us alleviate these patient concerns while creating an operational environment that was more effi cient for my pharmacy team to support during this challenging time. Additionally, having a solution like Citus Health that integrates the digital patient encounter and data collected with our pharmacy management system is an operator’s dream. This connectivity allows for patient information to be captured in texts and presented at critical points in the patient record and workflow meeting our patient needs in a customized and expeditious manner."

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