Nov 20 2020

App-less eSignature Expedites Care and Reimbursement

Many healthcare organizations are struggling to complete claims documentation required to secure payments and provide much needed cash flow, but obtaining signatures from family Powers of Attorney (POA) and physicians continues to hold them back.

For home healthcare agencies the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) has created a cash flow crunch as CMS requires a condensed time frame to submit claims documentation, and with the elimination of RAP payments in 2021 agencies must wait until the first 30 day episode is complete to bill CMS.

For hospice providers, obtaining signatures from remote family members and POAs on a range of documents — such as the hospice Election of Benefit (EOB) statement or the Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) — can delay care or place unnecessary liability risk on the hospice organization.

For any home-based care agency, securing timely physician signatures on orders, plans of care, certifications and other forms can be a challenge due to the physician’s sparse availability to sign a paper form and reluctance to login into yet another portal. Of course, the challenge has been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic and remote work forces.

For specialty pharmacies enabling contactless interactions for MDs to confirm orders or ensuring consent on manufacturer documents reduces delays in turnaround times and improves continuity of care.


What is "App-less" eSignature?

 App-less eSignature is powered by what is referred to as "magic link" technology.  Magic link is a path to capturing signatures through a secure link in either a text or email, based on end-user preference.  It requires no login, making it a password-less authentication. You’ve probably used a magic link technology for banking or shopping. You click on a link you received from a known sender and it automatically authenticates you and takes you to a secure environment so that you don’t have to input your user name and password. The same highly secure technology is now available for healthcare providers.

The best way to illustrate how App-less eSignature can save your team time is to imagine trying to get a signature from a busy physician:

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Why is App-less eSignature a Game Changer?

  • SPEED.  This technology is the fastest way to securely obtain critical signatures from physicians, POAs and other important stakeholders
  • COMPLIANCE.  Because it is easy to use and does not require the end-user to log in with user name and password, the end-user is more likely to comply with the request and immediately respond without requiring multiple reminders
  • ACCESS.  Documentation can be signed anywhere and at any time on a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • SECURITY.  Because the magic link technology we use is a one-time authentication link with a limited duration that only the end-user can access, it provides a high level of security.  And no PHI is included in the text or email, making it even more safe.
  • EFFICIENCY.  When clinical staff spend less time chasing documentation and signatures, they can spend more time providing care. 
  • CASH FLOW.  Expediting signatures can make a huge difference in cash flow, since healthcare organizations can submit reimbursement documentation more quickly.

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App-less eSignature, powered by a magic link technology, is a time-saving feature of the Citus Health platform solution. Our customers are raving about the speed at which they can capture signatures and how easy it is for physicians and family caregivers to use.  App-less e-Signature is just one of the 9 Essentials of Virtual Patient Care.  To view our blog post about virtual patient care and download the checklist of services you need to provide comprehensive virtual patient care, click here.

Home-based Care Checklist

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